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CDA: Jessica Walter & Beverly Cleary

Two alerts from my mom. First, Jessica Walter. What a divine actress! 80 years old. She's best known for *Arrested Development,* and she was hilarious and priceless on that show, but don't forget that she was the crazy woman in *Play Misty For Me*! One of her early credits is *The Group,* such a cute movie, and my favorite novel of all time.

Here she is being funny and adorable on Seth Meyers:

And Beverly Cleary, author of *Ramona the Pest* and many other beloved children's books. The lady was 104! She was born in 1916, during World War Freaking ONE. Her books sold 75 million copies in 25 languages, pretty amazing. Here's a sweet Today Show profile of her when she was about to turn 100.

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