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CDA: Dave Frishberg

Honestly, I hadn't heard of Dave Frishberg when I read his obit in The NY Times, but I certainly know his work. He was a songwriter (died at 88) and sometime singer and pianist. Here's the adorable Blossom Dearie doing his song "I'm Hip:"

His obit said that he's unfortunately best known for "I'm Just a Bill" from *Schoolhouse Rock.* I'm a big *Schoolhouse Rock* fan but I never liked that song (I'm more a "Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here" kind of guy). Instead I'll give you one of his loveliest ballads, "Sweet Kentucky Ham." Here's the one and only Rosemary Clooney singing it on the lawn of the White House in 1993:

And I'll close with Frishberg himself, performing "My Attorney Bernie" on The Tonight Show:

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