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CDA: Considine and Walton

My friend Dianna alerted me to the death of Tim Considine, who died at the age of 81. He initially made his mark in a few Disney products: he appeared in two 15-minute serials aired on *The Mickey Mouse Club* - - he was Spin on *Spin and Marty* and Frank Hardy on *Hardy Boys.* He was also in the feature film *The Shaggy Dog.* But for people around my age he's remembered as the eldest son on *My Three Sons.*

Here's the first episode. Can you believe this show ran for 380 episodes?

And Tony Walton died the other day at the age of 87. He was a Tony-winning and Oscar-winning set and costume designer. He was also Julie Andrews's first husband. Spooky timing because I was just watching the last half hour of *All That Jazz* this weekend, the movie that won him his Oscar. Here are the last 15 minutes of the movie - - deeply cynical but balanced by blinding razzle dazzle.

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