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CDA: Charles Kimbrough, Stella Stevens

The delightful Charles Kimbrough died the other day at the age of 86. Here he is singing and playing the piano on *Murphy Brown.*

And a few years before, in a commercial for Sure anti perspirant. Oh Lord and still smell that stuff. Vile.

And my friends David Jay and Dianna alerted me to the death of Stella Stevens, age 84. Her obits have been mentioning *The Nutty Professor* and of course *Girls! Girls! Girls!* but I'll always think of her in *The Poseidon Adventure.* Richard and I just watched it in July - - would you believe it was streaming on The Criterion Channel? It's nice that they took a break from their usual menu of Akira Kurosawa and Ingmar Bergman but really, *The Poseidon Adventure*? It was lots of fun and total drek.

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