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CDA: Anderson, Loaf, Mugler, Soares

Richard alerted me to the death of comic and actor Louie Anderson, who died at the age of 68. He started as a stand-up comic but more recently won an Emmy for his role as Zach Galifianakis's mother on *Baskets.* Here's Anderson in not only his first appearance on *The Tonight Show,* but also his first appearance on national television.

Meat Loaf! He died the other day at the age of 74. My brother Patrick alerted me to his death. Richard was the general manager of a hotel out on Long Island in the 90s and Mr. Loaf was one of his guests, when he was playing a concert nearby. Richard said he was exceptionally kind, considerate, and not at all full of himself. I love to hear stories like that. Is this his signature song, or just the one I know best?

Richard alerted me to the death of French fashion designer Thierry Mugler (age 73). Here's the immortal Lypsinka slaying it on the runway at a Mugler show in 1992.

And my brother Howard alerted me to the death of Brazilian singer Elza Soares, who died at the age of 91. I'd never heard of her, but wow, she's delightful. Here she is singing and embodying the whole bossa nova aesthetic in 1971.

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1 Comment

Diane Severson Mori
Diane Severson Mori
Jan 25, 2022

Wow! Lypsinka sure did slay it. That was amazing.

I'm more familiar with Bat Out of Hell, but hey, regardless he was a fine singer and obviously a fine person.

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