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My dear friend Laura asked me to predict who I see as the winner this season. A fool’s game, to be sure, but I’ve never been anything but a fool. I choose Chasity. I’m not ruling out Shantall.

Coco Rocha! I have two Coco Rocha stories. First, I was going to an event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music a few years ago and had dinner at Subway down the street at Atlantic Terminal Mall, as is my custom. I still had little time to waste so I went downstairs to DSW, Dress Shoe Warehouse. And who came walking down the aisle but Coco Freaking Rocha. Seven feet tall, wearing a bright purple fur. She had a handler and they had their forcefield up, the one that says, “Back off.” Otherwise I would have said, “Coco Rocha, what the heck are you doing at DSW in Brooklyn?”

The other story: Richard and I were big fans of Fashion Police, we never missed an episode. In one episode Coco Rocha was being discussed by George Kotsiopoulis, Giuliana Rancic, and Kelly Osbourne. Joan Rivers stopped the conversation:

JOAN RIVERS: Wait wait wait wait wait. I have to interrupt. I have a serious question and the best way to pose it is to play a game with the audience. Audience: knock knock

AUDIENCE: Who's there?


AUDIENCE: Coco who?

JOAN RIVERS: Coco Rocha.

AUDIENCE: Coco Rocha who?

JOAN RIVERS: Exactly, who is this girl, what does she do, why should I care.

I'm still laughing?

The challenge was to do an outfit for Rocha that would be used in an editorial shoot, shot in a brick-walled warehouse. The designers were told to choose one prop (from a set of props) to be used in the picture. There would be no runway for this challenge, the judges would only be looking at the photo.

The designers went to Mood and then to the workroom. Chasity, as winner of the previous challenge, was given first choice of the props. And UGH, she was told to choose the next person who would choose their prop. And that person would choose the next person. I HATE this grade school gym class scenario, it makes me want to retch. If I were Chasity's position, I would say, “OK, this is she way it’s gonna go down. I’m choosing mine first because I have that privilege, but then you guys are going to draw straws.”

Christian had his consultations with the designers. Thank you, Christian, for asking Bones to put a shirt on. Please.

Shantall had a lovely video visit with her husband, son, sister, and brother-in-law. So sweet.

Rocha had her first fittings and was full of helpful ideas. She knows better than anyone what makes a dress work for a photo shoot.

They were down to the wire and the designers who had finished were helping each other but no one was helping Shantall. I wonder how much of this workroom drama is manufactured and how much is authentic. In any case, they were creating a narrative and I was curious to see where it would go.

Hm, very interesting. The three judges watched the photo shoot and watched the designers directing Rocha. Chasity takes the prize for the best quote of the season, one of the best quotes in Project Runway history: “My price just went up, I used Coco Rocha as a model. Who are you. Nobody. Thank you. End it.”

The judges were no holds barred in the runway critique.

ON THE TOP Shantall: her key word was “passion” which totally came across. The judges felt that the dress, the photo, and her handling of the photo shoot were all first rate.

Coral: Elaine called her “a true artist.” They thought the dress was very strong.


Chasity: Nina said she was inconsistent, “hero to zero.” She was also over the Disney story.

Bones: Coco felt like there were too many things to worry about in his outfit. And let’s face it, the photo was a failure.

Kristina: Nina felt like the outfit was a nice change from a gown, everyone agreed the prop was odd, but Elaine felt like in the end she pulled off the photo. Nina, on the other hand, was “offended with the picture.”

Shantall was the winner. Bones was sent home. He celebrated by putting a shimmery ‘do rag on Christian. Crack me up.

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