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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 4

The challenge - - the designers needed to make an upcycled look for Karlie to wear at a CFDA event in Paris. Their source for fabric was not Mood, it was Goodwill! And they needed to please celebrity stylist Karla Welch. Very interesting combo platter. I was impressed with Welch, she was articulate and honed right in on what the designers needed.

Christian visited the workroom and announced that the guest judge would be the one and only Laverne Cox. And did I mention it’s a one-day challenge?


Chelsey: they loved the denim, thought it was fabulous Americana, and they were into all the innovation in the construction.

Victoria: Nina pointed out that she gave them Karlie but still stayed true to her aesthetic.

Nancy: I loved the skirt but thought the blouse was a throwaway. I would have put Brittany on the top instead, I thought her look was super cool.


Marquise: so dreadful, badly made, ugly, horrid.

Tyler: oh, it wasn’t a critique, it was a massacre! And he didn’t help things by mentioning The Kushners.

Shavi: it was major trouble that the model was doing the Morticia Addams down the runway.

Victoria was the winner, I was so pleased for her. Tyler was sent home, which was a surprise. I thought Marquise’s outfit was so much more badly made, a much bigger failure. On the most basic level, if Karlie HAD to wear Tyler's outfit or Marquise's outfit, she would definitely choose Tyler's. Something tells me we will see Tyler in an upcoming season of All Stars.

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