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CDA: Sue Lyon

Richard alerted me to the death of Sue Lyon. She had a decidedly minor career, but her one important screen credit is so important (and so beloved by me) that it's worthy of mention: she had the title role in *Lolita.* It's my favorite Kubrick movie, though far from his best. It's just more FUN than his other movies.

I read in her NY Times obit that she won the part over 800 other girls! There was some grumbling that she was too old for the role - - she was 17 and the Lolita in the book was 12, but please, this was 1962, we're lucky that a somewhat contemporary film of *Lolita* was made at all. There's no way that they could have made the movie with a pre-teen, maybe not even today. Or maybe for HBO or Netflix or similar.

Here's a delightful compilation of Lyon's moments from early in the movie. There are many subsequent collections on YouTube. Collect them all! Or watch the whole movie, it's really quite something.

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