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Fabulous Friday: "Come Rain Or Come Shine"

Judy Garland singing "Come Rain or Come Shine" is one of the most exciting things ever recorded. It's the Nelson Riddle arrangement that makes is genius, the way he builds up the tension, it's fantastic.

Rosemary Clooney tells a funny she about this arrangement in her memoir, *Girl Singer.* She was having an affair with Riddle at the time and he wrote the arrangement for her, for an album she was doing produced by Mitch Miller. Judy was looking for material for a concert and he thought this would work for her. He asked Rosie what she thought of the idea and she said that Judy would do a great job with it, of course he should give it to her.

So Rosie went to see Judy at the concert and of course visited her in her dressing room after the show.

JUDY: What's this I hear about you and Mitch Miller recording MY song?

ROSIE: Judy, Nelson wrote that arrangement for me.

JUDY: Like hell he did!

ROSIE: (picking up a telephone) I'll get Nelson on the phone right now and we'll clear this up.

JUDY: Oh no, no need to do that, calm down. Tell me, how are your kids, how old are they now?

Rosie may have been blonde, but she was no pushover! But really, I can't imagine Rosie having anything near the raw animal intensity that Judy has on this song.

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