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CDA: Sid Haig

My friend Rubén texted me this morning about the death of Sid Haig. We had just seen his final screen appearance last week, *3 From Hell.* We're big fans of director Rob Zombie, and this was the last film in a trilogy: *House of 1000 Corpses,* *The Devil's Rejects,* and *3 From Hell.*

I first saw Haig in *Jackie Brown,* though his part was so small I didn't notice him! He played the judge who sentences Jackie, he had less than two minutes onscreen. I read somewhere at the time that Tarantino cast him because he had loved his work in a number of movies with Pam Grier. Here's a clip of the two of them in *Foxy Brown.* Beware of all these clips if you're not into salty language and offensive suggestions!

Zombie cast him in a major role in *House of 1000 Corpses* and Tarantino gave him a cameo in *Kill Bill Vol. 2.* He was an American original. Here's a little tribute to him:

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