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Fabulous Friday: "Walk Away" (and Greer Garson)

I told this story on my site a few years ago, but it's such a cute story, I'm telling it again. A few years ago I was at Glorious Home in the Lincoln Center neighborhood. I found the cleaning solution I needed for our humidifier (the only reason I ever went to Glorious Home) and I was on the escalator going up to the street level, to pay for it. I heard a song on the radio in the store - - I don't think I'd ever heard it before, it had a sublime mixture of rock grit and classic pop songwriting structure. I made a mental note of the title of the song and planned to look it up on YouTube when I got home. I thought about writing down the title of the song, but when I loved it that much, how could I possibly forget it?

Of course I got home and remembered nothing. I racked my brain for a couple of days and finally decided to just open my mind to a word or two from the title. Thankfully the word "seems" rose up out of the mists of memory, which led me to the belief that the title of the song was "Seems To Me." I searched up and down on YouTube and found nothing. Finally I asked my brother Howard, who told me, "The reason you're not finding it under 'Seems To Me' is because that's not the TITLE of the SONG. The song you're thinking of is 'Walk Away' by Joe Walsh and the James Gang."

Here's the single and a live performance. Those three guys are a TIGHT band in the live performance, and they have some happening hair.

May I include a postscript? I stole the phrase "mists of memory" from Greer Garson, from an American Masters special on director William Wyler. Start watching the clip below at 6:30 and you'll see Charlton Heston, Bette Davis, Laurence Olivier, and Garson talking about how many takes Wyler made them do. Garson's remark (at 7:08) is hilarious.

BTW I know there's an ever-flowing font of weird crap on the internet, but I think it's safe to assume that I'm the only person EVER to draw a straight line connecting Joe Walsh to Greer Garson.

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