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Diva / Mensch pair for 8/21/19

This week, like last week, I'm comparing/contrasting two productions - - in this case, semi-staged concert performances:

Diva: NY Philharmonic, 1985

Mensch: City Center Encores, 2007

The NY Philharmonic performance was an all-star affair that partially came about because the original cast recording was so truncated - - the concert happened so they could have a more or less complete recording of the score. And the City Center production was part of a City Center Encores season dedicated to the Ziegfeld Follies.

I'm going to give you performances of "I'm Still Here" from both of those productions: Carol Burnett with the Phil and Christine Baranski with Encores:

And why the hell not: how about an "I'm Still Here" compilation, featuring these two ladies, plus Yvonne De Carlo (who was the first to sing the song), Eartha Kitt, Ann Miller, Polly Bergen, Elaine Stritch, Elaine Paige, and Dolores Gray?

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