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Fabulous Friday: Billy Porter

Billy Porter seems to be the queer icon of the moment. I'm lucky enough to have seen him onstage a few times, first as Belize in an off-Broadway production of *Angels In America,* then twice in *Shuffle Along.* I was thrilled to see that he was playing a lead role in the FX series *Pose* and wow, he is doing some extraordinary work on that show.

But Lordy he is making a cultural impact on the red carpet. Here he is arriving at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala a few weeks ago. The theme of the show was "Notes On Camp" and oh yes, he nailed it.

Here he is bringing the house down DURING A COMMERCIAL BREAK at the Tonys a few weeks later. I sincerely believe that Miss Porter did not know that this was going to happen, and yet he was absolutely and utterly prepared and ready to take his moment center stage. He is a divine example of what we should all do every day: know what you do well, and do it be best you can.

And last but not least, cracking wise and talking truth on Stephen Colbert. He gets Monsieur Colbert to channel his inner diva.

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