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Ryan on the Runway: PR 17, ep 10

The challenge: to do a high fashion interpretation of the social cause that means the most to them. Elaine went to the workroom to mentor the designers and hear about their causes and their design concepts. Many of the designers had a hard time being vulnerable and bringing their vulnerability into their work. Halfway through the challenge, Christian announced that they would need to design a second look - - for THEMSELVES! A T-shirt that connected to their cause and their high fashion look. They worked with graphic designers to design the T-shrits. The guest judge was designer Aurora James. ON THE TOP Sebastian: beautiful, and it put the message across. The judges were suitably impressed with the layering of the fabric. Bishme: Aurora said she would wear it tomorrow. It was a lovely dress, the ruffle had such impact. Jamall: SO FABULOUS. Though Nina didn’t really see a communication of the message. IN THE MIDDLE Sonya: Nina loved that the dress reflected her minimalist point of view. Sonya shared her personal story, which took incredible strength. Hester: they loved the spirit of the outfit, they felt it did a good job of articulating her message. ON THE BOTTOM Venny: the shortcomings of the construction were a problem. He got very weepy on the runway. Garo: the judges weren’t into it, it just didn’t deliver. The winner was Bishme. I would have given it to Jamall, I thought that gown was incredible. Venny was sent home. His look was just too sloppy and unfinished. 

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