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CDA: Peggy Lipton and Doris Day

A blonde double-header! Peggy Lipton comes first because she died first. I have never seen *The Mod Squad* so I can't speak to that, but I LOVED her on *Twin Peaks.* Here's a clip of her in the 1980s original:

And here she is in season 3 from 2017. It was so profoundly moving to see her and the other actors from the original playing these roles again, 25 years later.

And Doris Day! Peggy Lipton was 72 (which is getting younger every day), so 97-year old Doris Day could easily be her mother. Miss Day has been the standard bearer for CDA for years now - - whenever anyone says, "I can't believe Blank Blank is still alive," I'm always quick to say, "Heck, DORIS DAY is still alive!" Who will fill that gap now? I'm taking suggestions.

What a life she led - - a major hit with "Sentimental Journey" in 1945 at the age of 23, lots of movies as a young woman (check out *Young Man With a Horn*), a great performance in Hitchock's *The Man Who Knew Too Much,* a nice career boost when she was inching her way towards 40 with *Pillow Talk* and those other bits of lovable fluff, lots and lots of wonderful recordings, her cute TV show, many years as an animal rights activist, a connection to the Manson Murders, that girl really covered the waterfront!

Please indulge me in telling two Doris Day stories. First, Curmudgeon of All Time Oscar Levant once said, "I knew Doris Day BEFORE she was a virgin." Ha! And maybe ten years ago I was back in Wisconsin with my mom and my brother Howard. We were driving around running errands in my hometown, Delavan. We went to the Goodwill and Mom said:

MOM: Oh look! Doris Day Parking!

HOWARD: What the hell is Doris Day Parking?

MOM: It's when you pull up to a store and the perfect parking space is just sitting there waiting for you. Like would happen to Doris Day in the movies.

Later that day we went to the Piggly Wiggly and drove around the parking lot for a bit looking for a space. We finally settled on a spot pretty far from the store.

ME: Howard, this is what you call Joan Blondell Parking.

HOWARD: Who the hell is Joan Blondell?

ME: You just proved my point.

Of course "Que Sera Sera" is her signature song, but my favorite song of hers is "I'll Never Stop Loving You." Which is true, dear Doris!

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