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Ryan on the Runway: PR 17, ep 8

The episode started with three of the designers going after Tessa, asking why SHE wasn’t on the bottom in the previous challenge. Oo, that is cold!

The challenge is to do a three-look mini collection for a celebrity going on vacation. Three looks:

  1. Something for the beach.

  2. Something to wear around during the day, shopping, maybe an elegant lunch.

  3. Something for evening.

Their client was Morena Baccaran, who was going to Brazil, her home country. They also need to come up with three unique hairstyles.

Karlie chose names out of the button bag, and those designers would choose the designers to go on their teams. Tessa chose Sebastian and Lela. Hester chose Garo and Bishme. The leftovers were Jamall, Venny, and Renee. I was very excited for this challenge, so many interesting elements. As expected, some designers took charge and became full on bossy, others rolled their eyes and were over it. The Mood visit was full of Oh No She Didn’t.

Continued drama in the workroom, with some designers getting up in other designers’ grills. Christian pointed out that all three teams were using the same colors.

How sweet - - the designers went out on the patio and played in the snow. That was a highlight of the season, it was magical. Karlie visited the workroom and told them that she needed to miss the runway show to go to a freaking wedding. So Marni Senofonte took her place in the judge’s panel, and Baccaran was also a guest judge. Oh, and Elaine stood in for Karlie as host.

My impressions:

Team Disco Queen: Hester’s swim look was cute. Bishme’s look was a little ordinary - - Richard described it as “off the rack, not off the hook.” Garo’s evening look was little too voluminous.

Team Carnival: Jamall’s swim look was odd. As Christian said, took much like a dress. The blouse in Renee’s day look was good but the pants were not good. Venny’s evening look was NOT evening.

Team Rio Holiday: Sebastian’s swim look was wonderful. Tessa’s day look, was it made in twenty minutes? Lela’s evening look was nice.

And here's what the judges thought:


Team Disco Queen. They thought the swimsuit was marketable, loved that it was reversible. The liked the movement of Garo’s dress and the cincher. They liked that Bishme made white pants, they cleansed the palette.


Team Carnival. The swimsuit was too complicated and not functional as a swimsuit. Brandon said that she would drown and then bring out a few fish in the goofy extra bit between the legs. Renee’s pants were dreadful. Thank you Morena for pointing out that the evening look was not evening.

Wow - - Hester was the only designer to have won two challenges, and now she’s won THREE. Totally setting her up to come in second for the whole season! Oh ouch, Tessa was a wench on wheels in the green room, she told Hester that she didn’t like her look. Hester said she didn’t care about her opinion, but will that last? Renee was sent home. I felt like Venny’s dress was a bigger failure. Whatever.

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