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Ryan on the Runway: PR 17, ep 7

Isn’t it nice seeing the designers hanging out in the apartment, making breakfast together, supporting each other, enjoying themselves? It doesn’t feel that way in the workroom! This was the second time they had a letter or similar delivered to the apartment. Am I the only person who thinks of *America’s Next Top Model* and wants someone to shout out, “TYRA MAIL!” They met Karlie and Brandon at a photo shoot, had a group photo taken, and had a champagne toast to celebrate being in the final ten. The challenge: they chose lucite bags filled with objects and chose their models. I don’t think anyone was surprised to hear that the two curviest models were last to be chosen. Tessa, who was the second to last designer to choose, mentioned that she was worried about the curvy aspect and Brandon told her (and everyone else) that their job as designers is to make their client feel beautiful, whatever her shape. Later Tessa regretted mentioning her worry. Duh. One other note: the key word to the challenge is ELEGANCE. I’m disappointed that no one quoted Mrs. Vreeland on the subject - - she said, “Elegance is refusal.” Jamall was feeling blocked and Christian encouraged him to forget about the pattern he was making with muslin and take his fashion fabric and drape it directly onto the dress form, and see where it took him. He’d never worked like that before and what he came up with was really wonderful. I was pleased to see Christian saying something helpful! Oh dear Lord. Hester made a filmy transparent top for her model and two green pasties to cover her nipples. She used fabric glue to affix the pasties to the top and through to the model’s skin. Oh no she didn’t. Apart from this being offensive, in what universe is it elegant? ON THE TOP Lela: Nina loved the gown, but like me, she didn’t like the extra piece on the shoulder. I didn’t see it as toilet paper, but yeah, I can see that! Jamall: I didn’t like the way it was bunched up at the waist, but I liked the use of the fabric and the fabric itself. Venny: lovely dress, but the straps in back looked cheap and slapdash. ON THE BOTTOM Bishme: Brandon said that the judges told him to show restraint, but there was way too much going on with the skirt. They liked the drape of the blouse, but not the fabric. Hester: I don’t think a designer with immunity should be on the bottom, someone else should have that spot, someone who could be eliminated. I like what Brendan said about her having a sense of humor but it being rotated in well-made clothes - - but then this didn’t do that. Sonia: Brendan said she didn’t look like a DJ, she looked like she was in the background at a Kenny G concert. Ouch! The dress was a big nothing. Jamall was the winner. He should write a thank you note to Christian, STAT. And Sonia was sent home. 

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