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Fabulous Friday: "Night and Day"

I have one brief follow-up to our *Stardust Melodies* tribute. I deliberately didn't repeat an artist over the course of those weeks, with the exception of a couple of people in the "Summertime" week. I was very tempted to use the Lena Horne recording of "Night and Day," but of course I had to use her for "Stormy Weather." It's not so much that Horne's recording of "Night and Day" is so amazing, it's just that it was the first recording of that song I ever heard.

I bought a Lena Horne LP at the Janesville K Mart sometime in the very early 80s, when I was a gawky little teenager. I don't know how I even knew who she was, but I had to have that album. I loved this song and thought of it as a Lena Horne song! I'd probably never even heard of Cole Porter!

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