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Ryan on the Runway: PR 17, ep 6

The challenge was introduced by three female video game designers and theorists. They’re told to make a powerful female video game character and a fashion look that’s functional and fashionable, and strongly advised NOT to make a costume. And a new wrinkle for this week: they’re keeping the models they had in the previous challenge. The designers go to Mood and then go back to the workroom to work with video artists to design their characters. Jamall explained his look to Christian, who was concerned that he was doing something too safe. His retort (to the camera) was that he’s a menswear designer and it’s really extraordinary to make a tailored jacket. OK, go with that then! Later in the episode Christian had to explain that a black jacket with a white lapel reads “caterer.” Why did Jamall not know that himself? Hester did a FaceTime call with her wife back in Santa Fe and explained that they moved to Santa Fe from New York to support Hester’s parents, who were having health issues. And maybe for the first time ever on Project Runway, she did not start crying while she was on the phone. Later in the episode she said she was making a pair of “very sexy space cargo pants.” All the rage this season! Sonia’s dress looked like a troubling mixture of pageant and mother of the bride. Both of which are pink slip-worthy for the judges. The designers left the workroom and took a ferry ride. You have to admit, this is such a beautiful city. They amuse each other by doing a faux runway show with them working their walks. Thankfully the lighting was too dim to really see what they were doing. The guest judge was Robin Hunicke, one of the game developers we met at the start of the episode. ON THE TOP Garo: so strong, so amazing. Nina, of course, saw herself as the fashion editor dominatrix. Tessa: the judges loved it, loved the strength and empowered vibe, but I didn’t see it as Fashion. Hester: Nina embraced the kitsch, Brandon applauded her for her ability to make clothes. ON THE BOTTOM Rakan: Brandon put it perfectly - - “Cranberry Lycra! Cranberry Lycra!” Back in the green room Rakan said that in his opinion, the judges put three of the most talented designers in the bottom. Um, you can think that, but you’re still in the bottom! And can you deny that your work, that week, was the worst? Jamall: ouch, the guest judge said that the problem was he took a woman and made her powerful by dressing her like a man. Brandon thought she needed a bra. Venny: that did not look good. Nina said, “From head to toe, it’s a disaster.” Hester was the winner. I was sure that Garo would win, but the judges (justifiably) thought it was problematic that the empowered female was portrayed as a dominatrix. Rakan was sent home and I have to say that I, personally, was tired of him. 


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