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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 7, ep 12

The final challenge, in a sense. This was the one that decided who was going to the finale. The challenge - - they had to do cohesive looks for a family of three, who would have a family portrait taken. An interesting spin on the “real person” challenge. Each family had two people who are female-identified and one who is male-identified. The designers seemed genuinely inspired by their clients and had bold and interesting ideas. Biddell said, early in the episode: “I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to make it cohesive yet, but that’ll come.” OK, whatever sweetheart! Anne made the point in her critique that the goal was not to please the client, but to please the judges. But WE all know, from experience, that the judges do talk to the clients and ask how they feel. So it’s a balance. The designers each called someone back home. Michelle called her husband, Biddell called his mother, and Irina called her mother, who was dealing with breast cancer. Her mother had recently got bad results from a PET scan. Jeez, if it was MY mom, she would keep that news from me until the competition was over! My favorite was Dima (aka Dimochka) who called his parents in Belarus. They were SO CUTE and all business, like Dmitry. A bit of hilarious dialogue: MICHELLE: I’m avoiding my big project. I’m like freaking out on this jacket and I don’t even want to touch it. IRINA: Wait, are we having a pity party again? MICHELLE: It hasn’t gone to pity yet. But I’ll call you. IRINA: Don’t. Was I the only person in the audience who got a chill when the hair guy said he wanted to turn the Polish grandma into “a modern Liza Minnelli”? Oh dear me, the guest judge was Anne Fuldenwider. The judges didn’t appear to have a top and bottom, so I’ll just discuss them all BIDDELL The daughter’s outfit was cute but I didn’t like the bows The mom totally rocked her look. The son was too cool for school, loved that look for him. Maybe the socks were a little odd. DMITRY The dress was a little ordinary. The guy’s outfit was just fine but not special. And such a hunky guy, he totally missed it. The other mom’s outfit was strange - - the velvet top was a misfire and the whole look was lumpy. MICHELLE The young man’s outfit was very high fashion and wearable. The grandma’s outfit was mixed - - I liked the fabric, and clearly the client loved it, but the zipper was terrible. The girl’s outfit seemed blah. IRINA The mom’s outfit was sharp, The boy looked super cool, but I think the plaid shirt was a little JC Penney. I LOVED the cardigan. And the godmother’s outfit was good, though Isaac thought the navies weren’t well matched. Anne and Isaac thought the whole thing was too drab and safe. Biddell was the winner. Irina was sent on to the finale. And just as I expected, the judges crapped out and sent all four designers to the finale. Yawn. 

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