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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 7, ep 11

I have to get this out there, the new season of Project Runway starts on Bravo tonight!

The guest judge was the divine Nina Garcia. She had (allegedly) just returned from Thailand where she was (allegedly) inspired by the silks. The challenge: create a royal ball gown in silk. Anthony Ryan was having a hard time, he’s not a ball gown kind of guy. Anne was so sweet, supportive, and thoughtful in her workroom critique. That was one of the highlights of the season, for me. They had the model fittings, and only Irina and Biddell had ANYTHING to put on their models. How screwy is that? And whoa - - another guest judge, the extraordinary Iris Apfel. Love that woman, she’s so unbelievable. Run, don’t walk, to see the Albert Maysles documentary about her, *Iris.* Such a touching, funny, extraordinary movie, just like its subject. Though I was bothered by how she turned her comments on PRAS into being all about HER. ON THE TOP Biddell: amazing. So gorgeous and intricate and looks like it cost way more than $300 and took way more than twelve hours to make. A work of art. Irina: beautiful, but again, not appropriate. Too sheer on the bottom. I don’t believe she’d even get in the DOOR at Buckingham Palace! That guy with the big fur hat would say, “Nuh uh, honey. Not in that dress.” How interesting that the two designers on the top were also the only two designers who had something to fit on their models in the first fitting… ON THE BOTTOM Dmitry: Michelle was right, it IS Bea Arthur. And that mint green on the bottom, that was a big problem. Michelle: daring, but not appropriate for a royal ball. Anthony Ryan: too wacky, and those feathers were not a winner. I was so surprised that Irina won, even she thought Biddell would be the winner. I don’t understand. Ouch, it was hard to see Michelle and Anthony Ryan on the bottom two. Anthony Ryan was sent home, and said the most darling thing: “Be a good person first. And whatever you love, be good at that, too.” 

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