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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS season 7, episode 10

First off, thanks to my dear friend Frank for alerting me to the premiere of Project Runway on Bravo this coming week! Check your local listings, looks like for the first time ever, I’ll be doing double duty next week - - PRAS on Lifetime and PR on Bravo! Jeez, all that AND my day job. We’re down to the final six. And who knows, maybe they’ll go full weenie and they’ll ALL be in the finale! Hopefully not. The episode started with the designers going into the green room and sitting down to watch something on the telly. Alyssa came on, pretending she was reading a Project Runway news bulletin. Do you think the designers had to be told to laugh at this, and coached on their laughing? Did they have to do multiple takes? Then, one by one, they were put in front of a green screen and given a “live via satellite” report on weather conditions from another part of the world. And this time I really think the laughter was real, because the designers were so adorably amateur. They were rained on, snowed on, blown away. I felt especially bad for Irina, you know she spends a lot of time on her hair. LOVE that she put her hair up in a towel, that was so *Valley of the Dolls.* But what is the challenge, you ask? To design a resort wear look that could make the transition from one type of weather to another. And they’re given locations and conditions: ski slope from snow to sun, Mykonos in the sun and wind, Palm Springs at a coffee bar in a tsunami, etc. Guest judges: Cynthia Errivo and designer Seem Acra. ON THE TOP Irina: they were mixed but came out on top. They liked the mix of fabrics, liked the ease of the transformation, but weren’t all sold on the colors. Michelle: they loved the wacky mix of fabrics and thought the transformation was exceptional. Georgina described it as “an odd idea that shouldn’t have worked.” Dmitry: the proportions were wrong, though Isaac liked the dress. I loved Acra’s face when Dmitry was doing his explanation. I would describe her expression as “scrutable.” But Georgina said that of everything they had seen that day, those were the pieces she would buy if she saw them in a store. ON THE BOTTOM Anthony Ryan: Isaac made the valid point that she has one bare and freezing arm, which doesn’t work in the snow. Georgina thought the bottom of the skirt was a problem and Seem Acra thought he could have gone further. Biddell: they thought it had good elements but was a little underpowered. Biddell apologized, said he was tired, and Isaac and Acra jumped all over him - - “Never say you’re sorry! Kiss of death!” Christina: they thought it was OK but a little expected. And ouch, Georgina called it a “Pucci knock-off.” Michelle won - - you have to admit hers was the most daring. Christina was sent home. I guess Biddell didn’t respond to the kiss of death! It was hard watching Christina cry when she left, that’s always hard to see. 

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