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PRAS season 7, ep 9

The challenge - - gender-neutral, high fashion streetwear. Their models were male, female, or non-binary, and the designers designed and shopped for their models without knowing who they would be. Very forward thinking, PR! They were told their model’s measurements, that’s it. Their musings to the camera were very intriguing, the streetwear aspect of the challenge seemed as promising as the gender neutral aspect. Anne, as usual, was merciless in her workroom critique. I love that there’s never any wondering what she’s thinking or where she stands. And oh wow, the models were all super sexy! Such a treat to see something besides the tall lanky female model. Ha, it cracked me up that Irina finished her look early so she decided to use her extra fabric to make a dress for herself! And she used Christina’s machine and stayed there and did not move! Oh, that shade is frosty. What was with Georgina’s hair. Loved Isaac’s shirt. The guest judge was Asia Kate Dillon of *Orange Is the New Black.* I was disappointed that Biddell was the one designer who was safe - - his was one of my favorites, I wanted him to be on the top. 

ON THE TOP Michelle: they loved the vibe, loved the wearability, loved the mix of colors and prints. Anthony Ryan: they loved the grooviness, and of course Isaac had to say he had an unfair advantage with the super hot model! Thank you Isaac! But Alyssa pointed out that the silhouette was too similar from the previous week. Christina: this was such a strong design, the proportions were so delicious.  Asia loved the peek of skin down the middle. 

ON THE BOTTOM Sean Kelly: they thought the pinstripe was a little tired, and the bondage element was a little gimmicky. Irina: Isaac liked nothing about it, Alyssa and Asia liked it. Dmitry: they liked aspects of it but thought it was overall a misfire. Alyssa made an interesting point, that it would be a winner in a different fabric - - the silver fabric was so Space Age. And Isaac really hated the buttons. The winner was Christina - - I was so happy about that, it was such a marvelous look. And Sean Kelly was sent home. 

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