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Celebrity Death Watch: Argento, Lagerfeld, Shane

A triple header! I had heard about the death of American composer Dominic Argento, thanks to my brother Howard for reminding me of that. Here's Susan Graham singing an aria from his 1988 opera *The Aspern Papers,* one of the greatest operas of the late 20th century. It should be performed much more often, it's got everything you could want in an opera. FYI the entire 1988 premiere is on Youtube, if you're interested.

And Karl Lagerfeld! Thanks to Stephanie Jutt for reminding me to give a CDW tribute to him. Here's a 2005 CBS Sunday Morning segment with him talking about Coco Chanel:

And this weekend Howard introduced me to Jackie Shane, a singer I'd never heard of. The NY Times called her a "transgender pioneer of 1960s soul music." Here she is doing "Walking the Dog:"

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