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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS season 7, eps 6 thru 8

Dear readers, my sincere apologies for being so far behind on my PR column. My DVR was having a seizure and it took me a while to come up with another solution. Thank you for your patience.


Their challenge was to do a red carpet metallic look inspired by the Butter London makeup line. Michelle and Dima made up early in the episode over her allegedly copying his technique in the previous episode. Anne is so marvelous, she cracks me up with her truth. She described Dima’s look as “old lady in Vegas.” This is what she said about Django’s look: “I’m picturing a Bel Air hostess, who’s 75 years old, floating around her pool in a muumuu.” I think those two ladies need to get together, they should meet up in the middle, in Barstow - - I’m sure they’d have a great time! (Thanks to Google Maps for showing me the midpoint between Vegas and Bel Air.) Anya was way behind in the construction of her garment so three designers helped her out. I love it when that happens, it’s so touching. Biddell said, anticipating the judges’s reaction, “I’d like to see them try to dis this dress.” Oh child, you do not tempt fate like that. The guest judges were the wonderful Wendy Williams, ? NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick, and ? Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge.. I’m just going to stop complaining about not knowing who the judges are. OK, maybe I won’t stop. Plus, three guest judges? Is that excessive? ON THE TOP Sean: I’m surprised that the judges didn’t call him out for doing fringe again. Irina: wow, that is one killer gown. The fabric is fabulous and the shape is stunning, and it looks great from every angle. Biddell: stunning, elegant. ON THE BOTTOM Anya: of course they didn’t like it, it was awful. Django: how can something be both mumsy and trashy? Michelle: too much going on, none of it working together. All three losers were worthy of an auf, I was curious to see who would be sent home. I was surprised that Sean won, I was hoping Irina would win. Anya was sent home. I think they felt that Michelle was at least trying to do something different, Anya’s outfit was just a throwaway.


They started the episode on the stage of the Broadway musical *Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.* I’ve gotten used to PR plugging products, but why plug a show that has closed? This was an avant garde challenge - - they had to invent something unusual, unexpected, etc. They were each given a chocolate bar, and the winner of the golden ticket got an extra $100 to spend at Mood. So there! Why are the designers always so nutty for Neoprene? They got to the workroom and Michelle told us that in addition to Mood, they were also able to source materials from a dollar store, an electronics shop, and a building supplier. She got a big roll of carpet padding, because why not? Anne was surprisingly encouraging in her workroom critiques. Though she did say to Sean, “What made you go for red and black zebra-striped leather?” Yes, I know that’s just a question, but the point of view behind the question was loud and clear. I also love what she said to Django: “That’s gonna be some apron.” He sealed his fate at this moment: ANNE: Your invention does not sound like something we’ve never seen before. I think you need to be a little more concerned. I think you need to think about how you’re going to win this challenge. DJANGO: [under his breath] Whatever. Oh sweet Jesus, I wanted him to be sent home at that moment! He then pumped up himself by going around the workroom and questioning the work of other designers. Hm, very crafty. maybe that was the innovation in his project. The guest judges were Anna Camp and Andrew Rannells. Love me some Rannells! ON THE TOP Christina: the judges loved the design, the concept, and the execution. Anthony Ryan: Anna Camp loved the “cartoony” aspect, they all loved the playful spirit. Michelle: they loved the vibe, loved the autism story behind it, Isaac called the underdress “the dress of the season.” I really appreciated that it was avant garde but also very wearable. ON THE BOTTOM Django: they hated it as much as I did. Isaac hit the nail on the head: “It was neither avant garde, nor an epic fail, it was just BAD.” Irina: the judges were split, some of them hated it, some were fine with it. Sean Kelly: Isaac said, “It doesn’t look avant garde, it looks junior.” I was surprised that Anthony Ryan was the winner, I was sure Michelle would win. All three in the top were extraordinary. Thank God Django was sent home. EPISODE 8 They started the challenge at JC Penny, their retail partner this season. The challenge: they were to choose three daytime separates and transform them into an evening look. Two of the three had to be chosen from the two garments a model was wearing in the store, and they could choose whatever they wanted for the third. The model they chose would also be the model they’d work with. I liked the creativity of this challenge a lot. Did you know Liz Claiborne was at JCP? I did not. Good for her. Yes, I’m aware that Ms. Claiborne herself is currently dead. I’m still happy that she’s at JCP. Sean was using a mix of bold prints, and Michelle encouraged him to “channel his inner Anya.” Oh, isn’t that sweet. Anne was impressed that the sleeves of Irina’s top were made from the buttoned-up bodice of her sourced shirt. That really was a genius idea. Anne pointed out to Cynthia that she was in trouble making a jacket out of a jacket. Oh, it burns. A number of the designers had trouble with the evening aspect of the challenge. The guest judges were - - thank you - - Vanessa Williams! and supermodel Jasmine Tookes. ON THE TOP Irina: as expected, the judges loved the transformation of the placket in the sleeves. Georgina and Jasmine had problems with the puffed sleeve. Michelle: Isaac thought it would look better back-to-front, but they generally liked it. Biddell: really, he was in the top? I liked the outfit but dear me, that turban just ruined it. But the mix of fabrics was most inventive of everyone. ON THE BOTTOM Christina: V Williams said she wouldn’t be caught dead salsa dancing in those pants. I would, if I were paid. Cynthia: oh so bad. They liked the dress underneath but the jacket over it was horrid. I thought it was very *Maude* - - you know how I love *Maude,* but not in this context. Sean: the judges had a lot of good things to say, but the final flounce on the bottom was not good. I was amazed that Biddell was the winner. When he was chosen to be in the final six at the start of the judging, I was sure he was going to be in the bottom three. Oy. And Cynthia was sent home.

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