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Celebrity Death Watch: Bruno Ganz and Lee Radziwill

I first saw Bruno Ganz in *Wings of Desire* (1987), one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Here's the preview, he played the angel seen at the start and end of the preview:

His other best-known movie credit is *Downfall* (2004), in which he played a somewhat humanized Hitler during his last days in the bunker. This was an extraordinary movie with a searing performance by Ganz. A scene in which Hitler berates his generals was redone many times on Youtube with new subtitles, with hilarious results. This is my favorite, with Hitler losing his sh-t over the Obama/Romney election:

And Lee Radziwill! Here's a NY Times interview with her from 2013. The interviewers are Sofia Coppola and Deborah Needleman. I hadn't seen this before, and was shocked (shocked, I tell you) by the croaky voice of Princess Lee. It tickles me that the only time her voice goes UP is when she imitates Truman Capote. The closing quote by Luis Buñuel totally destroyed me: "Without memory, there is no life."

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