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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS season 7, ep 4

Adore Me dot com! Allegedly one of the fastest growing fashion start-ups in the world, and yet has any of us heard of it? The challenge was to design a look that visibly incorporated a corset. The designers had varying degrees of freak-out. Michelle took the drama award in the workroom - - she injured her fingers and required medical attention, but it was almost like the producers didn’t really think it was viable drama because they didn’t explain what had happened or show that it had any impact on her process. Hm. In other news, Michelle and Dima called out Jasper (to the camera, not to him, of course) for glueing the lace to his dress. But why would they be given glue to use if it wasn’t allowed? And it’s the finished product that will be evaluated by the judges, not the process. If the judges don’t notice or care that he had used glue, then who cares. Guest judges: Olivia Culpo, who has a world-wide fan base as a social influencer. Sounds like a load o’ hooey to me! My mom has a world-wide fan base as a social influencer. I’m serious. And designer Rebecca Minkoff, who I think I recognize from being a guest judge in a previous season? ON THE TOP Christina: the judges loved it, but for me, it was a brilliant idea, brilliant design, but I couldn’t overlook the flaws in the construction. Dmitry: the judges liked him taking such a chance. They had a few quibbles, but liked it. Irina: they liked her original take. Weren’t so wild for the lace mask or leggings. IN THE MIDDLE I liked Michelle’s look, she used the corset in a breezy way, that was unusual. ON THE BOTTOM Jasper: Rebecca MInkoff took issue with his theme, and what she said was so perfect, I’m going to quote it in full - - “I think the concept of ‘Behind every great man there’s a great woman’ is really outdated. There’s just a great woman. And I think your design represents the outdatedness of that sentiment.” Preach! Cynthia: speaking of going to church, that hat was such a disaster. Django: too much going on, confusing. The winner was Christina, which surprised me. Did the judges not see the problems with her dress? And the auf was Jasper. Another surprise. Cynthia got a pass with that damn hat.

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