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Diva / Mensch pair for 1/23/19

My friends Barbara and William are totally into curling. William's team won the U. S. Junior National Championships in 2015 and 2016! His birthday party was at their local curling club a few years ago, and they were giving curling lessons. I've never been what the French would call "sportif," so I was surprised at how good I was at throwing the stone. I wasn't so good at the sweeping, and had no clue about being the Skip, the person in charge, strategising from the other end of the ice.

Barbara worked with me in assigning diva and mensch roles to the members of a curling team. The Skip stays put at the other end of the ice for the whole match, never does anything else, is always in control. The other three members rotate roles, they take turns throwing the stones and sweeping. They're the worker bees serving the needs of the queen bee, so that makes it pretty easy:

Diva: Skip

Mensch: Everyone else

Here's a cute video explaining curling:

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