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Fabulous Friday - - "Leavin' On Your Mind"

Diane Schoff was in town in August and we landed on the subject of Patsy Cline. Diane is a big fan of "Leavin' On Your Mind," which I didn't think I knew. Diane sang it for me and of course I did know it. What a great song and wow, Cline is such an amazing singer. I love how artfully she creates a break in her voice - - sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not, always with intention and style. I especially love how she bends the note on the word "now," as in "Tell me now, get it over." I'm including a live performance and a studio recording. The live performance is a little quicker, and she doesn't take as long on that bended pitch, which I miss! In the studio recording, it seems like she takes a full measure to travel that half step.

Two other notes about the live performance. She gets a thrilling, throaty tone at 1:45, that totally makes my toe go up in my boot (as Little Richard would say). And I love how the camera moves over to reveal the hillbilly teenagers on the side, and how one dippy boy jumps the gun on his applause. Americana at its finest!

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