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Fabulous Friday - - "Pihi neito"

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco, visiting my brother Howard and Paul Stoller and Annie Tennant and their sons, who were in town from Sydney. Such a fun trip! Howard and I went to Amoeba Records, my favorite record store in the world, and I found a used copy of a 3-CD set called *Global Divas.* I had borrowed it from Kristina Boerger ages ago, burned it onto my iTunes, and that hard drive done up and died! So I was thrilled to find my own legit copy of it, especially since it cost $2.99.

My favorite track on the collection is "Pihi neito" by a Finnish group called Värttinä. They ROCK! This song is in 13/8, which sort of puts your brain on a slant at first. Hold your head to the side, it helps.

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