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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, episode 11

I love me some Nina Garcia! The challenge was to create a resort wear look inspired by a land in Candy Crush. They each played a round of Candy Crush and chose their lands based on their scores. The winner would be given the opportunity to work on a “fashion project” with Candy Crush. What, precisely, does that mean?

Five men left - - Project Runway All Stars Sausage Party!

Anne Fulenwider was back from her time away and had plenty of opinions. She called herself “The Nina Whisperer,” since she had spent so many years working with La Garcia at Marie Claire.

Fabio was a little concerned about his look and said that he had a case of “bubble guts.” This is a term I hadn’t heard before - - is it a Candy Crush thing?

Oh no he didn’t. Stanley told the hair person that his inspiration was Amal Clooney and “Lake Cuomo.” Honey, Andrew Cuomo is the Governor of New York State. Lake Como is a lake in Italy, where George and Amal Clooney have a house. He said this again on the runway, so it wasn’t a momentary slip-up.

Of course Nina was a guest judge, and I was a little skeptical when Alyssa started to introduce the other guest judge. I was afraid it was going to be some <<starlet du jour,>> but was thrilled that it was the one and only Kelly Osbourne! I miss Fashion Police so much.


Stanley: Too heavy, too layered, no ease. The judges were conflicted, all over the map, but they applauded him for taking a chance.

Fabio: Hm, I don’t think so. Isaac said, “It feels like she’s a prisoner of that dress."

Ken was the winner. I said, “Oo!” Fabulous! Kelly made the good point that it would be better if the sarong were detachable from the jumpsuit. That would make it so much more versatile. But he was the clear winner.


Anthony: I liked it. Chic, sweet, effortless. But Nina thought it looked like a nurse, Alyssa thought it looked like an apron. And why did no one pick up on the hem of the shorts being uneven? By like an inch.

Edmond was sent home. I liked it, it didn’t t look like a scuba suit to me. Georgina said right up front: “Have you been skiing?” Alyssa said that the crotch looked like she’s “packing a…penis.” Edmond started defending himself and they cut to Anthony, looking aghast, and saying, under his breath, “A big one.”

Next week they’re going to DC and designing a six-look collection. Oo Lawdy.

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