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Fabulous Friday - - *Rome Adventure*

Richard and I are headed to Milan and Rome tomorrow! Oh I can't WAIT. We'll be there for a week. I'm not sure I'll be posting about the trip while we're on it, but I'm sure to write about it at some point. Stay tuned.

I'm honoring our trip with the trailer of a schlocky movie set in Rome, *Rome Adventure,* starring Suzanne Pleshette as a virginal brunette, Troy Donahue as her hunky blond beau, Angie Dickinson as the blonde vixen from his past, and Rosanno Brazzi as the olive-skinned Italian gentleman sniffing after Pleshette. This movie is a scream.

One of my favorite moments in any movie (spoiler alert): Pleshette has had enough of ring-around-the-rosie with Donahue, so she decides to surrender herself to Brazzi. She shows up at his villa in a smart traveling costume with a darling little handbag over her shoulder. He says, "Do you have any bags?" and she says, "No everything I have is right in here," and pats her little handbag. She goes upstairs to change and comes back down in a floor-length black evening gown with a BEADED JACKET. Which I guess we're supposed to believe was in that little handbag. The mind reels.

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