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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, episode 9

The designers meet at Zac Posen's 5th Avenue showroom. Only one female designer left, Helen, They were given a tour of his atelier. The challenge is to create a red carpet look that showcases their signature technique, whatever that may be. They were told to choose fabrics from Zac's collection, no trip to Mood this week. The winner will have the opportunity to design for a Lifetime Original Movie Event. I think the designers were coached and had to rehearse in front of a mirror when they were filmed getting excited about that.

Anne Fulenwider was away this week, so the designers were told to critique each other! They pulled names out of the button bag - - the button they pulled out was the name of the designer they were to critique. They saved the funniest for last. Helen was given the task of advising Stanley, and Anthony and Fabio watched with great interest, knowing that Stanley didn’t really have much to learn from Helen. Helen noticed the two of them watching her critique, and said, “I think the sister wives were waiting for Stanley and me to get into a heated argument.” HA!

Ken on Josh: “Oh gosh. Joshua’s look looks like a woman who had just divorced her husband, so she snuck into her daughter’s room to get this dress to go to the club to meet some man, have sex with.”

Guest judges: “The adorable Rosie Perez” and Zac Posen.


Fabio: signature technique - - pleating. Beautifully unexpected. I would have given him the win, that dress was so gorgeous and so original. Stanley: tailoring. Sublime! Georgina thought the dress was too simple, and Isaac thought it relied too heavily on the beauty of the fabric. Rosie was concerned about how it would work with her "twins."

The winner was Anthony: sculpting. Beautiful. Rosie had the funniest reaction, which I transcribed word for word: “Dawling, you are giving us the narrative, the epilogue, the entire stage performance. Broadway opening night, Oscar red carpet. My breasts would look gorgeous in this dress! I mean from every angle, I’m dyin’ ovah heah!"


Ken: sculpting. The side piece was awful. Georgina pointed out that the side piece was pulling on the gown. Edmond: I don't remember what he called his technique. Georgina pointed out that the rose didn’t work well with the rose-printed dress fabric. And thank you Zac, I also hated the zipper.

The losing designer was Josh: pin tucking. The top was awful. Zac pointed out that there was too much going on - - the pin tucking, the high/low, the wings, the body sculpting. And in true Josh fashion, he refused goodbye hugs in his exit. Hm!

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