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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, episode 8

The episode starts with the designers being brought to the Mizrahi show at the Jewish Museum. Richard and I saw that show, it was kind of wonderful. The challenge: Isaac assigned color palettes to the designers, which would be the primary color of their design. They had to choose a complementary color and the look overall was supposed to be a party look for spring. Here’s what Isaac said when he gave the colors to Josh: “Last but not least, there’s Joshua. I thought of teal because I thought that’s really kind of a deeply beautiful color and it can also be awful. There's a very delicate line to walk, and I think you’re really good at walking a delicate line.” Is that a little shady? A few funny comments from the workroom - - Anthony to Ken: “All the bad sh-t I been wishin’ on your creation this week, I’m gonna take it all back.” And this is what Anne said to Josh: “You had me until you got to the tiara.” Ken had a little couture constipation and decided to sit down, take a break, and eat some chicken. And he did my favorite thing - - he looked right at the camera with severe grumpiness:

Christ on a crumpet, the greatest guest judge of all time - - the one and only Carmen Dell’Orefice! It was hard to tell who was on the top and who was on the bottom. The judges had bad things to say about the top three and good things to say about the bottom three. But it was pretty clear who the winner and loser were... TOP Helen: the purple was too muted, and the judges weren’t all sold on the single pant leg, but the overall look was a success and a bit of a departure for her. Ken: not wild for the exposed zipper, and you know how I have always hated that. I don’t know why he was in the top. Isaac revealed the extra prize: the winning designer would collaborate with him on a capsule collection for Lord and Taylor. And the winner was Stanley. I was a little worried that the pink wasn’t prominent enough, with the whole top being sea foam, but he made it work. Carmen said that it looked like old couture, which must have been music to Stanley’s ears. Clearly he’s a Balenciaga fan from way back. BOTTOM Anthony: Georgina said the cutout was too small and the slit was too high. Hm! And the lavender was a little lost. Plus the whole design was tortured. Edmond: too much like a nightgown. But even then, I would have put him on the top and Ken on the bottom. Merline was sent home. The yellow and blue were a bad combo. Georgina said that her designs are made or sunk by the fabric choices, and Carmen said she doesn’t seem to have a sensual connection to fabric. It’s always a relief when the judges choose the right person to go home.

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