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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, episode 7

I've never heard of the Hudson River Museum, have you? It's in Yonkers. This was the avant garde challenge. They were to be inspired by the planetarium, they were given $350 and two days. Cray cray bizniss in the workroom, they were using a hodgepodge of wacky ideas and constructions

Anthony told Anne that he wasn't going in the direction of “pageant, prom, or wedding.” That's a relief! Her's what Josh about his critique from Anne: “You don’t always have to see where I’m going, but you have to trust that I’ll get there.”

So many hilarious quotes on this episode. Anthony looked at the designs by Kimberly, Josh, and Helen and called it “Battle of the Streetwalkers."

Finally, a couple of guest judges who I know and give good value: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and RuPaul! I'm going to use quotes from the judges.


Anthony - - RuPaul: “Take a chance with pants.” That was actually RuPaul quoting Anthony. I loved Anthony's outfit but thought the styling was too wacky. And I agree with Ferguson that the splatter was a little much.

Merline - - Georgina praised the dress, but said, "We can’t see this week after week after week.” Isaac said, "She's a one trick pony, but it's a good trick!" I thought it was a lovely dress, she has some good ideas and knows how to put them across.

Stanley was the winner. He and Fabio are the only two designers with two wins this season. I predict that at least one of them will be in the finale. Jesse thought Stanley's outfit was a little safe - - he said, “I could see Gwen Stefani going to brunch in this.” RuPaul pointed out the confidence of using matte fabric. I thought the mask was genius. Stanley, in addition to the win, gets Marchesa shoes for his next full runway show.


Fabio - - Isaac: “It doesn’t work, but it’s brilliant. But it’s hideous.” I was bothered by those two blues, they really didn't work together. He was lucky that there were bigger losers up there with him.

Josh - - Isaac referred to a “1970s hotel color scheme.” RuPaul - - “She really looked like the space queen from a porno movie.” Isaac: “I think Joshua’s is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, so maybe he should win.” Josh was very defensive and combative on the runway, and it looks like he and Isaac are going to have a hairpull in the next episode.

Kimberly was sent home. Jesse: “I really want the cape for a tree skirt." Georgina said something about having to choose between Josh with too many ideas and Kimberly with no ideas. But I think the bigger issue is that the producers chose to keep High Drama (Josh) and get rid of No Drama (Kimberly).

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