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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, ep 6

Is Betty Boop empowering or degrading to women? I could ask the same question about Hello Kitty!, but I think I know the answer on that one. There was some kind of “young Hollywood chic” element to this challenge that I didn’t understand. And the winning designer would have their outfit sold on a website I’ve never heard of before. I could have rewound it and gotten the whole story, but I really didn’t care. There was a lot of pumped up drama in the workroom. Can we just accept that sometimes the designers don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s not the Shanghai Massacre. TOP Helen: was this a French hooker challenge? Not wild for it, but compared to the others, it was a success. Stanley: sweet, beautifully made. Josh was the winner. I loved the top, but not the skirt. I was surprised that Isaac liked the skirt the most. BOTTOM Merline: as Georgina said, there’s no bust, waist, or arse. Edmond: Alyssa said it looked like saggy balls! Char was sent home. It was not good, that was a bad fabric choice for her. I like her and was sad to see her go, but she shore was deserving with that mess of a dress. I liked one of her closing quotes: “The world will always give you No, you have to make it a Yes."

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