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Ryan on the Runway: PRAS 6, ep 4

Ah, the ever-dreaded unconventional challenge. Or as Anthony calls it, "What in gay hell is this?" The challenge was to make a gown out of balls from a bouncy house for a modern day princess. Fabio said, "The ball gown is made out of balls." Lots of talk about balls in this episode.

All kinds of tsuris and doubt in the workroom. Most people were having a hard time coming up with a concept and/or had difficulty handling the materials.

I've never heard of guest judge Kasey Musgraves, have you?


Kimberly' dress was sweet. Good thing she got rid of those cotton balls. Fabio's dress was incredible, I would have given him the win. Phenomenal construction. Stanley was the winner with his Audrey Hepburn inspiration.


Amanda - - the judges said that the dress made her model look pregnant. Well, maybe only three months pregnant.

Helen was not at her best in this episode. I think she thought she was going to win, and her construction was extraordinary, but the dress overall didn't have the impact, design-wise, of the other dresses in the top. She defended herself by calling out what she saw as issues in the other designers. This came up in the green room, and she insisted that she would never insult anyone - - when she had clearly insulted them. She's a hothead, and it's not going to serve her well. I like Stanley a lot but was not impressed with him baiting Helen on the runway. Please. She can have a complete meltdown all on her own, she doesn't need your help.

The six designers were called back onto the runway for the final results, and hm, Helen was not one of them! She did find her way back and nothing was said. Hm.

Candice's dress was clearly the biggest loser. Dumpy and sad. But her final quote was so marvelous, I typed it out word for word:

"I love what I do, so I know I'll be doing it for the rest of my life. And when you know what you want to do for the rest of your whole entire life, it's just another page in the book, another page in your story. And just gonna, you know, continue writing my book."

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