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Fabulous Friday - - Julie London

I was doing dishes the other night and I said to Richard, "Oh my God! I haven't had a Fabulous Friday tribute to Julie London!" She's one of my favorite singers ever. My brother Howard introduced me to her sometime in the 90s, he had just gotten *Julie Is Her Name* and *Julie Is Her Name Vol 2* on CD. I got my own copy and it quickly became one of the desert island CDs. I'll feature another Howard desert island discovery next week.

One of the biggest reasons that this is a desert island CD is because it has so many tracks on it! When I bought it, it had 25 tracks, every song from the two LPs. I just looked it up on Amazon, and they've added nine bonus tracks! I would urge you to run to the nearest Tower Records and buy it, but they swirled down the turlit in 2006. Sad.

I like to have actual videos on my site, rather than recordings with some dippy photo - - I found this delectable clip of her singing "Bye Bye Blackbird" in Japan in 1964. That woman has got so much va va voom.

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