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New feature: Celebrity Death Watch - - Kelly Smith

My brother Howard and I started this thing probably 25 years ago, Celebrity Death Watch, CDW for short. Howard always threatened to start a Celebrity Death Network, but thankfully he found some other, less macabre projects. Scott Seyforth and I really took the ball and ran with the CDW, we call each other whenever someone meaningful to us dies. I got teary when he called to tell me Peggy Lee had died, and am SURE that I will be a mess when he calls to tell me Carol Channing and Leontyne Price have died.

My husband Richard is another CDW subscriber, and he just called to tell me Keely Smith had died. 89, that's a good long run, yes? I'm so grateful that Jere and Dale and I saw her at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center back in 2005. She sounded great, was full of saucy stories, and was just plain delightful.

Here are two clips of her - - the first shows her in the way she first hit the scene, as the blasé glamour girl standing beside husband Louis Prima while he went nutso. The second clip shows her on the Frank Sinatra Show. The clip starts with your typical Prima and Sinatra schtick, but stick with it - - she sings "When Day Is Done," a song I don't know. Such a lovely voice.

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