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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 12

We're getting closer, boys and girls. I was disappointed that the judges once again chose four people to compete in the finale, but I should get over that right? But first, let's look at the home visits. Ayana: Her mother and friend were very sweet. I wasn't wowed by what we saw of her collection, but I was curious to see how it would develop. Kenya: Great that she pulled in the strong women in her family, clearly they've been a big influence on her and support for her. Tim advised her to add some color to her collection, it was looking rather wan. Kentaro: We saw him talking with his family (I assume they're in Japan?) but I don't think he introduced Tim to anyone in person. Notable, no? His collection looked pretty random, but it had some promise. The most memorable thing about his home visit was his explanation of the music he wrote for his show. I wrote it out word for word. "I found a dead cat in the street. So I thought I'd bury the cat and I put an ear to the ground and this is the kind of sound I heard." The expression on Tim's face was classic Tim, completely INSCRUTABLE. He should get an Emmy, just for that. Margarita: I want to go to Old San Juan! Doesn't it look marvelous. Very interesting that she auditioned nine years ago, was rejected, and didn't audition again until this season. It was so sweet that her mom and dad both got all weepy, clearly she didn't get it from no stranger (as my mother would say). Her collection looked a little wacky, but intriguing. So glad that Tim talked her out of that crochet and gold hoop business, that was horrid. Brendan: His girlfriend is also a designer, she seems like a valuable resource for him. I wasn't jazzed up about the flamingo fabric, but I was sure he'd work his standard magic on the judges. The designers were brought back to New York, where they were told to choose two looks from their collections. These looks would be presented to the judges, who would eliminate (heavy sigh) one designer. Tim checked in with them and made some suggestions. Kentaro asked for Ayana's help at one point, and Margarita, seeing this, shouted out, "Shawnie! Claire!" Bless her heart for giving a shout-out to the twins. Ayana chose two outfits, including a stunning pale grey number with distressed detailing on the sides, one of the strongest outfits from any of the five designers. Then later that day she was conflicted and decided to put her two models in two other outfits, a couple of ensembles from what Richard called The Arsenic and Old Lace Collection, mumsy in the extreme. Thankfully she slept on that idea and went with her original plan. Good save for her. Very strange that Heidi was there via satellite from Los Angeles. We haven't seen that before, have we? The judges chose Brendan and Ayana right off. Ayaya was the only designer with no criticisms of any kind, the judges were impressed with both of her looks. They loved the more streamlined of Brendan’s two outfits, but had reservations on the sloppier outfit he made for our beloved Liris. He'll need to keep an eye on that. The judges advanced Margarita, they liked her spirit, but told her to visualize her clothes being worn in New York, not so much in Miami. Richard wondered if this was a little racist? I thought she sort of opened the door to that when she said that there are almost 70 million Latin Americans living in the US who would respond to her style. Hm, doesn't she also want the white girl in Omaha to buy her clothes? The judges were conflicted about whether to eliminate Kentaro or Kenya. Kentaro's peach dress was fantastic, but the white outfit was really weird, that bulbous pouf was not a good idea. The two outfits had nothing to do with each other, and the hair and makeup was terrible. Those eyebrows looked like they were done with electrical tape, and Nina hit the nail on the head when she said the styling was dehumanizing, it made his models look like robots. But they advanced him anyway. I wish they had sent both him and Kenya home. Kenya was sent home. Her two outfits definitely lacked oomph. The judges praised her, and loved that she, in some ways more than any of the other designers, really revels in a woman's body, whatever size it may be. I hope she lands on her feet and makes a big success. The strangest sight of the episode was seeing Nina hug Kenya - - Nina and Zac had to do the auf, since Heidi wasn't there. I don't think we've ever seen Nina hug a designer. 

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