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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 10

The episode started with just six designers, and I thought to myself, "THESE are the six at the top?" I think most of these chumps would have been eliminated weeks ago on one of the early seasons. It's kind of incredible. This was another unconventional materials challenge, sponsored by Lexus. Did they say that the prize was a car, and I missed it? I don't think they said that... Anyway, their materials were crap that they use in construction sites, "Caution" tape, plastic netting, crap like that. Margarita looked around the workroom and saw herself as one of the strongest designers. She said, "It all comes down to the taste level." And they cut to a shot of her outfit, which used knee pads on the boobs. The talent in front of the camera might not be the greatest, but the talent behind the camera makes it all worth watching! ON THE TOP I thought Brandon's look was cute, it had nice movement was was a fluid use of the materials. I was sure that Kenya was on the bottom, especially after she described it as a plain black dress with a broken zipper. The judges, clearly, were seeing things that I had missed. Good for her. Margarita's dress looked so much stronger earlier in the workroom, before she went coo coo nutty on it. I was reminded of a quote from John Guare's *Six Degrees of Separation* (thank you, imdb, for the quote): FLAN: I remembered asking my kids' second-grade teacher, "Why are all your students geniuses? Look at the first grade, blotches of green and black. The third grade, camouflage. But your grade, the second grade, Matisses, every one. You've made my child a Matisse. Let me study with you. Let me into the second grade. What is your secret?" "I don't have any secret. I just know when to take their drawings away from them." Margarita didn't know when she was done, I felt like she ruined it by adding all that extra crap, it was streamlined and sharp at first. Ayana was the clear winner, no? What a fantastic look, so full of drama and inventiveness. I'm pleased for her. I think she might end up in the top three, and what a coup to have a runway show of hijabs! ON THE BOTTOM I have three quotes about Kentaro's outfit. Liris said,"I look like Pocahontas is going to play football." Kentaro himself said, "Doesn't look that bad." Which led Richard to quote guest judge Milla Jovovich in season 6 - - she said this about Logan: "If this was 'Project Good Enough,' he would be the winner." Kentaro really got derailed on this one, but I think the judges could see that there were good ideas there. Michael, on the other hand, was just a straight up failure. Maybe there was the promise of something interesting with the bungee cords, but it sure didn't come across in the final design. If you're gonna make your model look like a hooker, at least make her look like a hooker who's gonna be making some money. I was touched that they inserted a tribute to season 3 designer Mychael Knight, who died this week at the age of 39. He was a sweet guy (one of the sweetest in the history of the show) and a talented designer. Remember that Pam Grier-inspired outfit he did? Fierce. RIP, Mychael. 

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