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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 9

I'm relieved to have all of the drama from the previous episodes cleared up, but not half as relieved, I'm sure, as the designers were to have BOTH twins gone!  I'd like to examine the whole process... The situation with Michael and Margarita ganging up to derail Claire made me uneasy. As much as I don't like Claire, their behavior just didn't feel sportsmanlike. Here's how it SHOULD have gone down. The issue of Claire copying looks should never have come up, that had no value. The real issue (and they should have known this) is that Claire had a measuring tape in the apartment, and was using it. That's a blatant violation of the rules, and there's no ambiguity in this - - the designers sign off on their understanding of the whole shebang, so Claire knew that she was cheating and hoped that she wouldn't get caught. Anyway, back to how it should have gone down: M & M should have approached Tim, the producers, Harvey Weinstein, whoever, during the challenge, and told them about Claire violating the rules. They would have questioned Claire and sent her home. Then the runway show would have happened without Claire, the judges would have chosen a winner, and someone would have gone home with $25,000. I'm sure Dixie was thrilled to have saved that money. Nice that Brandon got the Dixie cup prize. I was disappointed that the judges didn't give the win to Kentaro, since it seemed he was in second place after Claire, but although his dress was gorgeous, his fabric design wasn't so impressive and would have no oomph on a Dixie cup. Ah well. OK, on to the new challenge. They had to make an avant garde look inspired by a Shopkins doll and the little girl (a Shopkins superfan) who explains the Shopkins aesthetic to them. The winner gets their look made into a one-of-a-kind Shopkins doll, plus a $5,000 prize (which must seem like chicken feed after a $25,000 prize the week before). I had a barf within a barf when Kenya showed her little girl how to use the Pilot Frixion erasable pen, within the context of the Shopkins product placement. Maybe we could have added a third product, and had "I'd like teach the world to sing..." playing in the background? Odd that the judges chose a top four and bottom two: ON THE TOP Zac described Ayana's look as "surrealist Bo Peep." She came up with a clever solution to covering her model's arms by covering her arms COMPLETELY - - she had no arms! I wasn't convinced by Brandon's look, it didn't seem to have any relation to the chocolatey fixation of the little girl. It took me a while to warm up to Margarita's look, but the more I looked at it, the more I saw how thoughtfully she assembled and draped the three fabrics. Michael was the clear winner, that outfit was fabulous. I guess I'm glad that he and Margarita have got their groove back...? ON THE BOTTOM Wow, Batani is sent home for the second consecutive time! That's gotta hurt. And Amy was also sent home. This was a clear case of Who Do They Punish? The one who did too much, or the one who didn't do enough? They chose not to make the choice, and sent them both home! 

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