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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 8

I know that looking for logic from the twins is like looking for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (five points to anyone who identified that as a quote from *Clueless*), but all of this strum und drang about one of them winning and the other one not. Did they not see this as an essential component of the competition? Even if they ended up in the top two (and how likely would that be), one of them would win and the other would lose. Of course I was disappointed that Shawn bowed out rather than go head-to-head with her sister. Especially because it was Shawn and not Claire who had proven herself as the superior designer over the course of the season (Claire was third from the bottom twice and next to the bottom twice, Shawn was in those positions once each, third from the top once, and next to the top once). Did you notice the smirk on Zac's face when the twins walked off the runway? OK, on to the new challenge. They designed for the friends and family members of the Project Runway crew. What a relief to not hear the words "real woman" in this challenge. The challenge was sponsored by Dixie - - the designers created their own fabric, and the winning look would be the inspiration for a Dixie cup AND the winner would get $25,000. They ain't just whistlin' "Dixie!" Claire understandably felt a little unmoored. Who knows when was the last time she did anything without her sister's help. Margarita was enraged and thrown off by the belief that Claire was stealing her winning design from the previous challenge. Claire did end up changing her design, but Margarita didn't get over her frustration. Here's my take: forget about Project Runway, isn't part of being a success not being derailed by distractions, petty slights, etc? I had to Google both of the guest judges, both of whom seem to be famous for being connected to more famous people - - model Sophia Stallone is the daughter of Sly, and Yolanda Hadid is the mother of Gigi and Bella. There you have it. ON THE TOP I thought Kentaro should have won, his outfit was sublime, effortless, full of impact. She's clearly going to be the talk of that wedding. I thought it was interesting that Kenya was in the top three with that double peplum (peplum à deux?) misfire. But the top was cute, and the print was cute. Of course they'd pick Claire to be the winner, and I do have to say that the outfit was very well done, and the print would look great on a Dixie cup. IN THE MIDDLE What on earth was going on with Amy's outfit? Were those chaps? And I love when Brendan said: "She's never worn nothin' like it!" And she never will again! ON THE BOTTOM Batani was on the bottom, her outfit had so little life and you really had to search for the print, that was really a bad choice on her part. Michael and Margarita were also on the bottom. Margarita knew that she was in trouble, she wasn't able to get out of her own way, poor thing. And Michael had good ideas, but too many of them. It would have been a really cool outfit if he had reined all of that in and looked at it with a critical eye. DRAMA! Michael walked off the runway when Claire was announced as the winner, and they gave us another cliffhanger. We won't know who was being given the auf until next week. Of course this is exciting, but it seems a little overkill to play this card two weeks in a row. 

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