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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 7

My friend Nick warned me that this episode was funny, and it shore was! The reactions were the funniest thing: lots of side-eye, eye-roll, and aghast. This was a two-person team challenge, and the designers had to do stylish fall outfits, a cohesive pair of looks using menswear as their inspiration and using menswear fabrics furnished by JC Penney. The fabrics were distributed "randomly" (note my quotes), ten fabrics total, two fabrics given to five designers each. Do you follow? Let me map it out for you: Fabrics 1 and 2: given to designers A and B. Fabrics 3 and 4: given to designers C and D. Et cetera. Kentaro was the first designer to choose his partner, and his only constraint is that he couldn't choose the designer who was using the same fabrics as he had. Thankfully he was able to choose his brother from another mother, Brendan. Shawn was all cranky about that in her commentary, which prompted Richard to say, "What's she complaining about? She has a partner every f--king challenge!" Trigger warning: Richard will drop the F bomb one more time. Of course the twins ended up together. Kenya got Amy - - Margarita and Michael were disappointed that they couldn't be together (they were given the same fabrics), so Michael ended up with Anaya and Margarita with Batani. They had a half hour to sketch (right there in JC Penney) and one member of the team was off to Mood. Which turned out to be the highlight of the episode! It was Swatch's tenth birthday!

I love that dog. Not much notable going on in the workroom. Let's go straight to the runway. ON THE TOP I would have given the win to Kentaro and Brendan, their two outfits were totally ready for ready-to-wear. They were sharp, cool, wearable, versatile, and right on target. Here's what Heidi said, and what Richard and I said, as Heidi, in response: HEIDI: I'm in love with both of these looks! ME AS HEIDI: I'm stealing them for Heidi Klum Activewear! RICHARD AS HEIDI: F--k JC Penney, this is MY show! Margarita redeemed herself with the win. Her shirtdress with the interesting cut will be sold on JC, though I looked for it and could NOT find it. I'm sending out a big HM on that. I went to their website and did not see it among the 61 items that came up when I searched for "Project Runway." I had to Google "Margarita JC Penney" and then go to JCP's Facebook page to see that it was being sold for $39.99. A send out a second HM. ON THE BOTTOM Ironic that Kenya said, in the workroom, that her outfit was for JC Penney, not for church, because this is what Nina and Zac had to say: NINA: This is a nun! ZAC: A pretty sexy nun. NINA: A South American nun. Kenya and Amy did not have a good experience together, but at least their outfits were passable. Here's what Zac and Heidi had to say about what was made by the twins: ZAC: The world doesn't need this. HEIDI: I would feel sad for people walking around on the street looking like that. The judges couldn't decide who to blame, the twins are so freaking conjoined. So...

The twins will have a face-off in the next episode! Am I alone hoping they would BOTH be sent home?

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