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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 4

Once again Heidi is cannibalizing the Project Runway talent pool to make designs for her collection. This bothers me every time. The challenge is to make a look for her sleepwear collection, and they kick the challenge off by spending the night at the top of the Empire State Building. Here's an exchange from our viewing of the show:

ME: Is it quiet up there?


ME: Except for the twins.

Another tweak to the challenge - - they have to use heavy silk that's provided by Heidi, and they have to do some kind of handmade treatment to the fabric, dyeing, painting, printing, or similar. I knew that Kenya was in trouble when she said she had never dyed fabric before. For real?

Samantha had the quote of the week, and how unusual that it's something kind rather than something snarky. Kentaro went to her and Kenya for advice about how to make a garment for a plus size model, and Samantha appeared to spend a lot of time explaining to him, in detail, the specifics of the cut. She said, "What's the win worth if you have to knock someone down to get it?"

The runner-up for best quote of the week, and yes, it was snarky - - Heidi had this to say about Claire's painting technique: "Looks like you sat on a strawberry."

The designers have varying degrees of problem with the fabric. That heavy silk satin is a nightmare to handle, if you don't know what you're doing. It slips around and gets all kinds of boogie fever.

Maybe I'm showing my age, but I am not up on the Demi Lovato oeuvre. I wouldn't recognize one of her songs with a gun to my head. I only know her from having been discussed on Fashion Police.


Shawn's pajamas were gorgeous, weren't they? The judges were suitably shocked that one of the twins did something so refined and restrained. I wasn't completely sold on the blousy hem on the top, but the overall look was luxe and smart.

I was very disappointed that Kentaro didn't win, I thought his dress was the clear winner. The design was lovely, the painting was extraordinary, and it looked like a dream on his model. I think that shape would also look good on a slim woman. Maybe Heidi thought the details were too intricate for mass production?

Michael was the winner, and it's for sale online, for $200:

It's been dumbed down a little bit, the silver detail is only done on the bodice, not on the hips. It is lovely, but to me, it doesn't seem practical for actual sleeping. Those skinny straps would not be comfortable in bed. Maybe it's more for something you wear until you (ahem) take it off? In that case, I imagine it would be very effective.


Richard thought it was typically German that Heidi was so fixated on the bathroom aspect of Kenya's look: "You've got to pee like crazy in the middle of the night, you're not going to have time to deal with that hook and eye closure!" I'm paraphrasing. I think Kenya knew that she was lucky that there were bigger losers that week.

Thank you, Zac Posen, for mentioning Aaron's underpants! The ones he was WEARING. What on earth does that boy think he's doing, wearing chiffon shorts on the runway. Oh the horror! The horror! His look was lumpy and dull. Never what the judges are looking for.

I felt bad that Deyonté went home, because I like him and think he has talent, but clearly, his outfit was the worst. Shapeless, with no verve. I thought the dyeing was kind of beautiful, but it wasn't enough, not by a long shot.

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