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Something new: Video Vendredi!

I was getting a little tired of my old reviews. Maybe you were, too? I've decided to have a new Friday feature - - Video Vendredi. Vendredi is French for Friday - - you could go Spanish with "Video Viernes" or Italian with "Video Venerdì." But I would ask if you want it to use the Italian version, please pronounce it EYE-talian.

Anyway, I'll still do Flashback Fridays now and then with reviews, but I'll intersperse it with videos. I'm launching this series with a video I love above all others, Ann Miller in a commercial for The Great American Soup!

Here's a link to a fascinating article on the commercial:

I hope you enjoy this new feature. Email me if you have suggestions for future Fridays (just make sure they're on youtube). Shake hands with the Great American Soup!