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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 3

Another "Meh" episode. But hey, I'm incapable of not watching this show. It's important to know your limitations, right?

The designers are shown a clip from an upcoming animated film called *Leap* and given a short performance by the hip hop/ballet fusion dance group Hiplet. I don't know very much about ballet, and even less about hip hop, but those dancers didn't look like they were representing either of those disciplines with what I would call success. The challenge is to make a look that is inspired by dance, movement, and innovation.

LOVED seeing so much footage of Swatch at Mood. He is the cutest dog. And Tim seemed to be full of wonderful adjectives in the workroom critiques: smashing, magnificent, fabulous, remarkable! He had a few not great things to say, too, but those are the ones that stood out.

Too much blood in this episode. First Deyonté got the needle through his finger (yikes) and then Margarita stabbed her model with a straight pin. First off, why are you putting your model in danger by fitting her in a close-fitting garment with straight pins? Isn't that a recipe for disaster? And second, Richard made the observation that Margarita saw the blood, hurriedly shimmied the dress off her model, and rushed to the sink to remove the stain. "Um, was she concerned at all about the model?" Clearly not. Maybe this will come up in the reunion special.

Were you as tickled by Heidi's hair situation as we were? Zac complimented her on her cute messy topknot, and she said, "Yeah, I was so late, this was the only thing they had time to do!" I'm paraphrasing. She is such a delight.


Batani's look was dramatic, but I can see Zac's comment about the metallic fabric being a little tacky. The rest of it was divine, and I like that Nina pointed out the gorgeousness of the shadow on the scrim, starting the drama even before the model walked out. That's impressive.

I wasn't wild for Margarita's look, it looked ordinary to me. The choice of fabric and the construction were both first rate, but the overall look was not inspiring.

Brendan was the clear winner. All that Zen is serving him very well. What a gorgeous outfit, a fascinating concept, touched on all of the elements of the challenge, and beautifully constructed. The loops were my favorite bit, I also loved the mixture of white, off white, and pale beige.


I would definitely have put Amy in the top instead of Margarita. The leotard was sharp and that overthing that did six different things, jeez, how much more innovative can you get without using a can opener.


Deyonté's look was such a mess, and the idea itself was not good. He'll live to die another day. Kentaro's outfit was a big nothing. Has he got the goods?