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Ryan on the Runway: PR 16, ep 2

Not the greatest episode, but not a total clunker either. The designers were split into three teams of five, courtesy of our old friend the Button Bag. They were brought to a recycling plant and had to use the recycled materials to create a five-piece, cohesive capsule collection. One of the highlights of the episode was the three adjectives the twins chose to describe the smell at the plant:




I think Acrid, Noxious, and Repugnant might be the Snap, Crackle, and Pop for the new millennium!

I knew one of the twins would be flipping out, and wasn't surprised that it was Shawn. And this is with the two of them on the SAME TEAM, just try and visualize the day when they're on opposing teams. I have a theory that the only reason PR put twins on the show is so that one of them can throw the other under the bus. Stay tuned.

I flinch every time I hear the words "JC Penny." Also every time I hear the word "Avon."

Heidi! Rockin' the zebra jumpsuit.

Here's my two bits on each of the designs:


Margarita - - cute.

Kentaro - - OK.

Deyonté - - like it a lot, great manipulation.

Kudzanai - - best in the collection.

Michael - - like it.


Sentell - - "Safe enough to pass me through." That's your aspiration? Ordinary dress. Made out plastic.

Samantha - - the top is lovely.

Amy - - skirt is cute, the top is dopey.

Shawn - - OK.