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Met 50th anniversary gala concert, 5/7/17

Frank and I went to the Metropolitan Opera's 50 Years at Lincoln Center gala on 5/7/17.

The NY Times reprinted a photo from opening night, in September of 1966, with First Lady Lady Bird Johnson on the plaza, and who is standing next to her? Who were guests of honor at the opening of the Met? Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. I shake my head and roll my eyes.

Things got off to a great start - - we walked into the opera house, wove our way through the black tie and evening gown grandees, and walked past Teresa Stratas, one of my favorite singers ever. She was wearing a navy blue gown and her gorgeous grey hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

FRANK: Don't you think someone could do her hair?

ME: Maybe someone DID do her hair.

It was one of those nights. More shade was thrown when we got up to the clouds and looked through the program.

FRANK: Domingo is singing "Nemico della patria"? He has no business singing that.

ME: He should be free to sing whatever the hell he wants.

FRANK: He should be put out to pasture.

Let me assure you that Frank gave me permission to quote him!