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Flashback Friday - - Bette Midler concert, June 2015

In honor of seeing La Midler in *Hello, Dolly!*, I'm trotting out my review of her show at The Garden in June 2015.

* * *

Scott, Richard, and I saw Bette Midler in concert at Madison Square Garden on 6/26/15. Scott and I had never seen Bette, had never been to The Garden - - Richard had done both many times. We sat in the cheaper seats (which were still not cheap), and I don't think I've ever sat so far away for a show. It took me a while to adapt, but I got over it. I had my binoculars, and they had many huge screens on the sides showing great close-ups of La Midler.

She had three female back-up singers/dancers who were totally workin' it. They did "Da Do Ron Ron" with the back-ups wearing two-piece mini dresses with fringe and they were shaking their little bodies like there was no tomorrow, that fringe had never been worked so hard. Bette started the show in a fabulous little pink minidress with a V-neck and lots of beading and bling along the neckline and cuffs. Showed off her legs, which look fabulous. Bette, in general, looks fabulous. She's had work done, and first-class work it has been.

She said a word about the Supreme Court decision earlier that day, that was very special, and she sang "Going to the chapel" which got me all teary. Who would have imagined, when she recorded that song in 1972, that gay marriage would be legal nationwide today!

The second sequence was a tribute to her character from *Hocus Pocus*. Not one of her best movies, and a strange inclusion in this show. The one thing that made it worthwhile - - she rattled off a list of evil spells she was going to execute. The funniest: "I'll make Staten Island more hip than Brooklyn!"